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What is TOPAC?

The Tennessee Optometric Political Action Committee is a voluntary unincorporated committee of doctors of optometry. This committee is not affiliated with any political party or any other political committee.

Why Support TOPAC?

As the role of government continues to expand, it becomes increasingly important to support candidates seeking state office who understand the legislative issues facing optometry. Since the composition of the state legislature changes so frequently, TOPAC's role must be a continuing one. TOPAC, as well as the Tennessee Association of Optometric Physicians, is your voice at the state capitol in Nashville.

What is the purpose of TOPAC?

The major purposes of TOPAC are:

  1. To make contributions from voluntary funds to candidates for state office, who have demonstrated their interest in vision care and eye health. These contributions are made without regard to party affiliation.
  2. To promote the improvement of vision care, public health and the government by encouraging doctors of optometry to become more aware of government affairs.
  3. To encourage optometric physicians to become more aware of government, the important political issues, the records of officeholders and candidates, and their role in this process.

Contribute to TOPAC online

Scan the QR code below to make an online donation.


Contribute to TOPAC by check

Please make checks payable to TOPAC and mail to:

c/o Tennessee Association of Optometric Physicians
PO Box 40967
Nashville, TN 37204

Sam Winston, OD

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